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Nikki Sharma

Hello, I'm Nikki
UI/UX Designer
& Web-Developer

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Web Development

I specialize in creating functional and responsive websites designed for your specific needs. From eCommerce platforms to corporate websites, I develop robust and scalable web solutions that deliver an excellent online presence. My expertise spans a variety of technologies, ensuring your site is functional and future-proof

I Provide Wide Range Of Digital Services

Helping ambitious brand growing

Hilton Hotels & Resorts
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About Me.

Hi, I'm Ananya, I identify as a Transgender, and I live in Pune, India. I really love playing with computers and making websites and online marketing. I started learning all this stuff when I was a kid. I'm also good at writing and designing things, which is cool. I make a living by doing freelance work, which means I do different jobs for people, and they pay me for it. But I've always had big dreams. I've always wanted to be a writer, and I still do. But I also want to change things in a special way. I want to start a company that makes websites and apps and give jobs to people who are LGBTQ like me. I think everyone should have a fair chance to work and be themselves. And you know what else I really want to do? I want to travel the world and go on adventures. But I'll do that when I have enough money saved up.

So, that's me in a nutshell – a tech-loving, creative person with big dreams of making a positive change and exploring the world.

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